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Karaoke Revolution for PlayStation 2

Oh My God! This game is like wicked awesome! I've beaten every level on beginners level in career. I love all the songs to even though some of them are old...





This is a trully awsome game. My favorite right now and is a great online experience, (well- barring the pieces of carp that sometimes show up on the headset....)
Multi and single are both entertaining...




Gran Turismo 4 for PlayStation 2

Please don’t erase or report this till Sunday, I am sorry but I am out of options, I am not registered with any blogs or message boards where I can do this, and I cant put it on a disk or print it, printers broken and labtop doesn’t use disks/files. I need this report just here till Sunday here….thank you. (I have contributed reviews in the past.) ...



Neverwinter Nights 2 PlayStation 2

Play Obsidian Entertainment's latest role-playing game, and if you can look past the distinctly up-to-the-minute graphics, you might be forgiven for thinking the golden age of computer fantasy role-playing games like Baldur's Gate or Planescape: Torment had returned. Neverwinter Nights 2 bears far more resemblance to these greats of the genre than it does to its predecessor, and that's entirely to its credit...



Phantasy Star Universe for PlayStation 2

The universe of Phantasy Star has always been a unique one. Its refreshing sci-fi style breaks the swords 'n' sorcery RPG mold. Phantasy Star Online's networked approach was highly addictive and gave fans a reason to fall in love with the series all over again. But, no matter how stunning Phantasy Star Online was, gamers love single-player ...