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The Conduct of Standards Wars

Microsoft has a tremendous advantage in the coming standards war because its Xbox 360 will be available this Christmas, whereas the Playstation 3 won't arrive until sometime in 2006. If the Xbox 360 can attract a critical mass of users, the Playstation 3 might be dead on arrival. So I expect Sony to advertise its Playstation 3 this December in the hopes of preventing Santa from delivering too many Xbox 360s.



The rewards of growing up in difficult times

These kids didn't have Playstations, Nintendo 64, X-Boxes, or any other type of video games. Personal cell phones, personal computers, Internet chat rooms, DVDs, and 99 channels on cable television didn't exist. Instead, these brilliant young people went outside to make friends and use their imaginations to play games. As a consequence, they fell out of trees, got cut, even broke some bones.


A multi-million $ video game

The Arabic language is a minefield of pronunciation pitfalls. To coach the American soldiers, researchers of the project have designed a whole new system of speech recognition software. Vesely highlights on a new video game, which is aimed at giving US service personnel a rudimentary knowledge of the Arabic language and certain Arab customs.


Online games, video clips keep visitors coming back to Web sites

Publishing companies are coming up with new ways to attract visitors to their Web sites, keep them engaged during their visits and make them want to return again and again.



Baltimore County Public Library librarians who keep watch over our Internet computers most likely would answer Runescape, an online game that occupies many a youngster every day after school. David LaPenotiere of the White Marsh Library reports that the Video Game Systemwide Workplan Group has found that providing access to video games, both online and as a nonrental collection, supports BCPL's mission to excel at providing resources to customers of all ages.


Toys, Games, and Media

Knight reviews Toys, Games, and Media edited by Jeffrey Goldstein, David Buckingham, and Gilles Brougere.