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X-Box wants share of lucrative game console market

The video game war between Nintendo, Sega, and Sony has another console combatant to contend with Microsoft. For months, rumors have been rampant that Microsoft would enter the video game console market with something called the X-Box. Earlier this month, Microsoft formally announced the X-Box at the annual Game Developers Conference.



Sony, Nintendo comply with French language charter

In 1999, the Quebec government threatened to pull Sony and Nintendo video games off the shelves for failing to comply with the Charter of the French Language, which stipulates that all gaming products must be packaged in French, as well as include French warranties and instructions. As of January 1, 2000, all Sony and Nintendo video games sold in Quebec were to come with French language manuals and warranties. Distributors have until April 1, 2000, to submit a compliance proposal to the Quebec government. This also marks the deadline for Sony and Nintendo to provide the government with proposals regarding the games' packaging as well as providing the province with French games.



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