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Karaoke Revolution for PlayStation 2


OH My God! This game is like wicked awesome! I've beaten every level on beginners level in career. I love all the songs to even though some of them are old. I think that the tutorial is stupid though. My friend has karoke revloution 2 and it's even more awesome with even more pop songs!

It's your time to shine like a star with Karaoke Revolution. Following in the party-game footsteps of Konami's Dance Dance Revolution titles, Karaoke Revolution will test your singing abilities to the max. A special music engine will test your pitch and rhythm as you sing over 35 pop classics, including Madonna's "Like A Virgin," Mr. Mister's "Broken Wings," and UB40's "Red Red Wine." An interactive audience reacts to your singing. Modes include Arcade, Showtime, Karaoke and several mini-games. Sing by yourself or with your friends. Who needs a Karaoke machine when you have Karaoke Revolution!?